Model of Care



A communal environment and the need for assistance with daily living can make it difficult for an individual to conserve their privacy in a care home. We aim to give our residents the privacy they need by providing lockable bedrooms which they are free to personalise as they wish. The home promotes freedom of movement and open visitation, both in private and in communal rooms. Confidentiality is maintained and provisions are made for residents to use the telephone and open their mail. Residents will be encouraged to be independent, but if assistance is required staff will do so discreetly with understanding and respect.


Physical and mental health problems can effect a person’s dignity, so we will support residents to maintain their self-esteem by recognising that each person is of equal value. Comprehensive assessment will identify information which can be used to preserve their personal preferences, culture, religion, lifestyle, mode of dress and help them take an active role in their personal care plan.

Staff will provide personal care which will compensate for any diminished abilities, and the Home offer outlets for self-expression in the form of various activities. Residents will be protected from abuse and demeaning situations at all times.


We aim to support residents to live independently for as long as they are able, and we will assist them to do so by conducting assessments to create a personal care plan that will be agreed by all significant parties.

The Home encourages independence by providing suitable facilities and equipment, flexible routines, adequate time in which to complete tasks/activities, support and/or assistance to manage personal and financial affairs, support and/or assistance to make decisions and to self-medicate if able. Establishing and planning for acceptable risks will allow residents to have freedom to move throughout the building. The Home will support the resident to retain existing contacts and external links wherever possible.


Living in a nursing or residential home should not effect a resident’s civil liberties. We will support residents by offering them opportunities to participate in creating their personal care plan, to voice their thoughts and feelings without facing discrimination, to access community services, to receive high standards of care in all its aspects, whether medical, nursing or social. Each individual has the right to uphold their religious and political beliefs, their right to vote, to make a will and to receive all financial entitlement.


Regardless of a person’s age, gender, orientation, beliefs, religion or culture they are entitled to make choices. We will support and/or assist residents by providing the information they need to allow them to make informed choices. We will support their preferred lifestyle and practices through assessment and care planning. The Home will have flexible daily routines, enabling each resident to choose how they spend their time, what to wear, their preferred diet, the time they wake up or go to bed, and a choice of activities for those residents who wish to participate.

Where a resident is unable to make an informed choice, consultation with all significant parties will be sought to enable decisions to be made on their behalf. An advocate can also be contacted to represent the resident.


We aim to make the Home an environment where residents feel content and satisfied. We will use, with consent, the individual’s personal history and assessments to provide them with opportunities for communication, interaction and companionship. Our recreational program will provide opportunities to practise their hobbies, crafts and other interests. We will assist residents to preserve their relationships, cultural and religious customs. Residents can feel secure in the knowledge that family, friends and clergy are free to visit without restriction.

Residents will be cared for without discrimination: their thoughts, views and wishes will be respected, and they will benefit from all that they require to maintain their physical and mental health.


To maintain their physical and mental health, we will ensure that residents are comfortable, well-nourished, safe from harm, and are receiving and benefiting from high standards of care with regular dental, optical and continence assessments.

We will monitor changing needs through assessment, evaluation and regular reviews, contacting GPs and other professionals or services the resident may require to ensure that physical or mental problems are dealt with appropriately.

Nursing and care practices will be therapeutic, focusing on treatment of physical and mental health problems and minimising the symptoms of illness. Medication will be administered safely, according to prescription, and its effects will be monitored. There will be suitable provision of facilities and equipment to support each resident’s individual needs.

Our aim is to provide high standards of care for residents, from admission until such a time as they leave us, and to treat all involved parties with kindness, sympathy and care.


To ensure residents live contentedly at Westwood Lodge, we will support them to express their views without prejudice and to maintain their ties with family, friends and other relatives. The resident’s personal care plan will promote choice and privacy in both platonic and non-platonic relationships.

Personal care plans will aim to minimise exposure to problematic areas which might cause anxiety or emotional distress, so that we can promote a safe and secure environment where residents will receive support and understanding.


The Home supports an in-house program which offers a variety of activities including reminiscence and reality orientation, gentle exercise, musical activities and outdoor excursions whenever possible. We will utilise each resident’s assessment information and personal history to provide for their religious, cultural and recreational needs, to make staff aware of special dates and events in residents’ lives and to help them celebrate those events accordingly.


We will respect each resident’s spiritual and cultural preferences, and provide them with appropriate resources to meet their religious and cultural needs. Staff will be provided with training to help residents observe religious festivals, particularly when the religion is in the minority, and menus will be adapted to suit any dietary requirements.

Where possible, residents will be supported to attend their chosen place of worship, and various religious denominations will come to visit residents in the Home who are unable to go out. Privacy will be conserved during these visits. Should a resident become ill, they will receive appropriate assistance that respects their religious and cultural practices.


To achieve and maintain the objectives of our statement of purpose, we constantly monitor our systems, standards and performance through quality assurance. Our style of management is resident orientated, and administrative procedures will ensure we safeguard residents’ money and valuables.

We actively seek feedback from residents and relatives about their care, and carry out formal reviews of personal care plans which offer all significant parties an opportunity to contribute. We also have in place a complaints procedure to consistently review the operations of the Home and improve our quality of care.