Westwood Lodge is a large, detached, house with an extension. It is registered to provide nursing care for 44 residents. Care and accommodation is provided in 44 single bedrooms that suit both male and female clients.

Situated to the west of Newcastle upon Tyne, we are close to all amenities such as shops, pubs, a bowling alley and the local post office. The Home is well served by public transport, and just down the road from Newcastle General Hospital. Westwood Lodge caters for clients with moderate to severe dementia, special needs and challenging behaviour. It is equipped with adapted bathrooms, a shower room, and two passenger lifts that provide access to all floors.

The home has three lounge/dining areas, all suitably equipped with televisions, music systems and equipment for a variety of recreational and therapeutic activities. Residents have the use of a courtyard garden to the rear which they can enjoy in safety, and interaction with the local community is encouraged.

We ensure the Home is kept clean and tidy to create an environment where our residents feel content, safe and comfortable. It is warm and homely with comfortable fabrics and furnishings appropriate for residents' use.

The building is well-maintained, both internally and externally, to minimise risks to health and safety. Toilets, washing and bathing facilities and other amenities are provided to assist with daily living. Residents benefit from single bedrooms which can be personalised with their own possessions.